SUNLIGHT signs the Environment Day

SUNLIGHT, through the Green Mission battery recycling initiative, launches a comprehensive tree planting and information action program


Athens, June 4, 2021SUNLIGHT, member of Olympia Group, on the occasion of the Environment Day, announces a complete tree planting plan, through the Green Mission initiative. The company has for long time now recognized the important opportunities that the circular economy offers for businesses, both in terms of economic growth and competitive advantage, as well as in terms of environmental protection. In this context, since the year of 2015 when the operation of Sunlight Recycling unit commenced and up until today, the Company has collected and recycled more than 108,000 tons of old batteries and other recyclable materials at the Komotini facilities, Greece. At the same time, the company has already started through the new state-of-the-art lithium research center the study for the recycling of batteries and the minimization of hazardous solid lithium waste.

Guided by its fundamental values and with the protection of the environment as priority, SUNLIGHT, through its environmental action plan called “Green Mission”, is committed to offer for each ton of batteries that it recycles in the recycling unit and in the context of this program, two trees to be planted. It is estimated that for the 800 tons of batteries it collects and recycles each year through the Green Mission action plan, the Company and its people will plant more than 1,600 trees, equivalent to approximately 187,200 kilograms of oxygen per year and also equivalent to absorption of 35,200 kilograms of carbon dioxide. As part of the project, SUNLIGHT is collaborating with the global non-profit Environmental Organization “we4all”, which was created to actively support the planet and raise awareness among people.

The tree planting will take place in the autumn of 2021 and the spring of 2022 throughout Greece and in the wider region of Xanthi and Komotini, strengthening the strong ties that the Company maintains with the local community, through its two production units in these particular areas.

On the occasion of the Company’s actions for the environment, Ms. Ioanna Gavrielatou, Marketing Director, stated the following: “As one of the largest companies in world production of industrial batteries and energy storage systems, we stand responsibly towards society. This initiative reflects our commitment towards the sustainable development and the principles of circular economy. Consistently we take action and open the way to green culture and environmental awareness”.

The Green Mission is an environmental action of dozens of companies, from various business sectors, agencies and organizations, which have a common vision to contribute to the protection of the environment. Its members are committed to the proper recycling of lead-acid battery waste, which can reach up to 95%, based on the state-of-the-art technology that is currently available.





SUNLIGHT is a member of Olympia Group, an international investment group with presence in 10 countries and sectors such as energy storage, retail and telecommunications. With 30 years of experience in the energy storage market, SUNLIGHT ranks among the leading technology companies in the production of energy storage systems. The global energy storage industry is transforming, as lithium technology allows the creation of systems with significantly increased efficiency, high performance under difficult conditions, faster charging, smaller size, longer life, lower operating costs and stronger ecological efficiency. SUNLIGHT, consistent in its strategy for developing specialized innovation in the battery value chain, has invested heavily over the last decade in research and development around the safest and most advanced lithium-based applications. Lithium technology has revolutionized the electrification of vehicles and the daily use of mobile devices. In this context, SUNLIGHT invests in research and development for renewable energy and grid applications, public transport, logistics and automated guidance vehicles (AGVs), as well as shipping. SUNLIGHT’s Li.ON FORCE lithium batteries meet the growing demands of the Materials and Logistics industry, where SUNLIGHT holds a significant share of up to 11% of the market worldwide. The new era finds SUNLIGHT at the forefront of developments, with state-of-the-art facilities in Greece, Italy and soon in the United States. The recycling unit of the company in Komotini operates with modern environmental standards, maintaining one of the highest conversion rates of lead batteries.   

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