SUNLIGHT Recycling, member of the Green Mission, feted at the environmental awards

Athens 23 December ‐ A GOLD award in the category of Waste Management – Recycling and Reuse of Waste was granted to SUNLIGHT Recycling, member of the Olympia Group, owned by Panos Germanos. The presentation took place at this year’s Environmental Awards ceremony, held on Tuesday 20 December at the Athenaum InterContinental.

SUNLIGHT Recycling is Europe’s most state-of-the-art lead-acid battery recycling plant – in both technological and environmental terms. The plant has fully vertically integrated Systems Sunlight’s production and has an impressive annual used-battery recycling capacity of 25,000 tons. It guarantees recycling of the lead-acid batteries with zero negative impact on the environment. The company recently presented its “Green Mission” environmental initiative, which aims to raise the awareness of the general public and business world with regard to proper recycling, bringing together institutions and a wide range of companies.

The award was received by the Company’s General Manager, Mr. S. Kopolas, who stated, ”Sunlight Recycling is currently the most state-of-the-art lead battery recycling plant in Europe. Its cutting-edge technologies guarantee environmentally-sound recycling and make the model of circular economy in our country a reality. Environmentally sound recycling is not ”wishful thinking”. It is a necessity for protecting the environment, public health and the economy. At Sunlight Recycling we believe that this issue concerns us all. It was with the aim of raising the awareness of the general public and the business world in this direction that we launched some months ago the Green Mission awareness campaign. Over 30 major corporations have already actively joined this action to date and the number is constantly growing. We invite everyone to be a part of it.