What is the Right Way to Recycle My Accumulators?

The lead-acid battery’s recycling route ends with its final disposal and management in the recycling plants.

Guidelines for the public

When replacing an exhausted battery in our vehicle (car, motorcycle, truck, boat), we have the right to ask our electrician to let us know if he:

  1. Collaborates with a licensed collector for battery recyclingIn which case the electrician must be able to produce the relevant collection forms
  1. Knows in which licensed recycling plant the disposal and recycling of the accumulators was carried out.Armed with this knowledge we can close the recycling loop being certain that our exhausted battery is collected, transported and recycled legally as dictated by Greek and European legislation.




Guidelines for companies

To be sure that you are correctly recycling the waste accumulators you produce, you must:

  1. Store old accumulators properly, until the time of transportation for recycling.
  1. Ensure that old accumulators are collected and transported only by licensed collectors who have obtained the relevant licence from the Ministry of the Environment and Energy and also have a valid contract with a Collective Alternative Management System for Waste Batteries and Accumulators. After waste collection they are required to fully complete and provide your company with the Ministry-approved collection form for the Transportation of Batteries and Accumulators.
  1. Must know which is the recycling plant that will manage your waste accumulators.. Since the collection form provided by the collector regards only the proper collection and transportation of the waste, usually to a secondary storage area, your partner is obliged to inform you about its disposal.
  1. Verify that the recycling plant which will manage your company’s waste has all the required licences and adopts the best available practices. This means it should have a high performance rate that contributes towards a reduction in the waste generated. The recycling plant must also, for the purposes of environmental protection, manage the waste it generates (electrolyte, slag, heavy plastics) in accordance with European Directives.
  1. Request a recycling certificate from the recycling plant for the management of the waste accumulators. This should contain details of when your company’s waste was collected and the relevant form number. In this way you can complete the recycling loop.

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