Green Mission

Green Mission is an environmental action of a large number of companies from various business sectors, sharing the view that the right way to recycle is feasible and that the ensuing environmental benefits will help reduce pollution.

The Green Mission brings together Greek companies from all business sectors committed to the proper recycling of old lead-acid batteries. Utilizing best practices and contemporary cutting-edge technologies may lead to a battery recycling rate of up to 95% . The Green Mission’s membership is constantly expanding as it is joined by businesses, institutions and organisations whose common vision is to contribute towards environmental protection.

The Green Mission’s aim is to inform the public, professionals and business world about their key role in proper recycling and the contribution they can make for the environment.


“ABB’s greatest contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions has been and will be through our energy-efficient and renewable energy products, systems and services that increase our customers’ productivity while lowering the impact on the environment.”

Ulrich Spiesshofer, ABB CEO

TI Sparkles

“TI Sparkle Greece has committed to support and develop the pollution prevention and the protection of ecosystems, the prevention of accidents and occupational illnesses through the propagation of a culture of safety, health and environmental protection in respect of employees and partners. We support the Green Mission initiative, as we share common principles in the protection of Environment.”

Nikos Konstantinidis, Technical Director


“For us at Nova, the protection of environment consists of a significant Social Responsibility pillar put in action throughout various initiatives. Notably, recycling in collaboration with accredited partners stands out in this strategic objective. Our participation in the “Green Mission” initiative is of great importance, promoting the value of collaboration for the preservation of natural environment.”

Gregory Katsogiannis, Corporate Communication Director Forthnet


Lead-acid battery recycling can provide energy savings and reduce CO2 emissions.

Recycling one ton of batteries saves 2.74 MWh, the equivalent of 2 months household power consumption
Reduction of
CO2 emissions
The recycling of one ton of lead batteries reduces CO2 emissions by 1,615 kg, the equivalent of the annual CO2 uptake of 74 trees

Proper recycling in figures

*based on Hellenic Recycling Agency (HRA) data for 2014
95% of a lead-acid battery's materials can be recycled.
In Greece only 51% of used lead batteries is collected and recycled, compared to over 95% in Europe.
66% of the lead used comes from the recycling of old scrap lead and in particular from used batteries.
Recycling batteries provides energy savings of 70%.
Proper recycling ensures the creation of a circular economy.
Recycling one ton of batteries reduces CO2 emissions by 1,615 kg, the equivalent of the annual CO2 uptake of 74 trees.

Latest News

INTERAMERICAN, in cooperation with SUNLIGHT RECYCLING, will recycle its lead-acid battery waste from all INTERAMERICAN Assistance fleet vehicles, having as priority the protection of environment. With this collaboration and participation in the Green Mission, INTERAMERICAN is committed to safeguarding the natural environment from lead-acid waste batteries and recycling them in a transparent and approved manner. INTERAMERICAN recycles approximately 2 tonnes of battery waste per year.
SUNLIGHT RECYCLING participated in the workshop on “How recycling in Greece can be upgraded?”
Athens July 19th, SUNLIGHT RECYCLING participated in the workshop on “How recycling in Greece can be upgraded?” organized by the Ecological Recycling Company, and the initiative for Circular Economy, ECO-Observatory. At the event, SUNLIGHT RECYCLING received a distinction for its best practices in recycling and waste management. Mr. Vassilis Stamelakis, Operations Manager of SUNLIGHT RECYCLING, who received the award, stated: “SUNLIGHT RECYCLING is a state-of-the-art lead-acid battery recycling plant, using cutting-edge technologies that ensure proper environmentally recycling processes. Cyclical economy model is successfully applied for the recovering of the used materials but mostly because it can guarantee proper recycling of lead-acid batteries with minimal environmental footprint. ” He also referred to the first environmental initiative in Greece for proper lead-acid recycling, the “Green Mission”, which is being implemented in cooperation with more than 40 large companies of various industries and initiated by SUNLIGHT RECYCLING.
Common informative campaign for the responsible recycling of lead – acid batteries by NOVA and the Green Mission
Nova, as a member of the Green Mission, supports initiatives targeted to the protection of the environment..